Worshipping God is not just something we do - it is something we experience. Because of the Holy Spirit living in us, we are connected to God through his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

So why do we worship? We are crazy about God! We want to meet with Jesus and we have been created to worship God and enjoy him forever. We are practising for eternity!

In a nutshell: It is the way we are made. Worship isn't just praise, it is the way we live our lives. We are worshipping God from when we get up in the morning to when we go to sleep. Like all relationships, our relationship with Jesus is two-way.

The RayD8 worship band

Everyone experiences worship in a different way, so in RayD8 there is no 'right' way of worshipping; as long as we worship 'in spirit and in truth' then we are worshipping as God intends. Through every aspect of the evening, including contemporary music, we hope to encounter God in a new way.

As part of our worship we want to give space to God, for him to communicate with us. Sometimes we will watch a DVD or film, sometimes we have a visiting speaker to teach us about some aspect of Christian faith or about the Bible. We are also interested in our Jewish Christian roots and in the traditions of the Church in history.

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